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SAYISAL KİTAP, provides an online Digital Library to which libraries and other institutions can subscribe annually on a collection basis or by selecting individual books and journals and can make these e-resources available for their users free of charge.

It offers personal subscription options for collections to be read online by individual users with Digital Home Library features.

Thanks to its e-Librarian features, it provides a different experience beyond just reading the books, offering information on them, authors and libraries.

Terakki Okulları Kütüphanesi

Library and e-Library

SAYISAL GRAFİK provides consultancy, IT services, automation systems and e-resources for universities, schools, private and public institutions, companies and individuals, before, during and after the establishment of their library.

SAYISAL GRAFİK is the Authorized Dealer of QULTO Library Automation Software that can meet all automation requirements of a library. The company provides consultancy at every stage, from the purchase of the system to its installation, from cataloguing to its use. It renders all the necessary services through these stages and provides human resources for the process.

SAYISAL GRAFİK acts as the representative of international databases that it thinks will contribute to academic and cultural studies in Turkey.


Museum and e-Museum

SAYISAL GRAFİK installs the necessary technological infrastructure and automation systems and provides services for museums, galleries, studios or collectors of all types and sizes for cataloguing and transferring their collections to the digital environment, managing and sharing.

The company facilitates editing the existing catalogue data and migrating it to the new system. It helps in cataloguing and managing the newly created collections in digital. Among the services offered are the installation and implementation of the system; the training of users; the cataloguing of the objects in the collection, the people, exhibitions and events associated with these objects; the transfer of visual materials and documents related to the collection into the system; and the creation of institution-specific data entry and inquiry forms.

SAYISAL GRAFİK is the Authorized Dealer of The Museum System and eMuseum software solutions, the most advanced museum and archive automation system used by the world's most respected museums, galleries and archives.

Hülya Bilgi, Sadberk Hanım Museum

“With its approach that produces punctual and rapid solutions throughout this whole process, the SAYISAL GRAFİK team has always extended their help at any moment we need it.”

Behiye Bobaroğlu, ARTER

“From the time we started working together until today we have always felt the support of SAYISAL GRAFİK regarding both our work in The Museum System and their display on eMuseum.”

Emine Şen Demir, Terakki Foundation Schools

"SAYISAL KİTAP ... has filled an important gap answering one of the most frequently asked questions, 'Is there an e-book database in Turkish?'”

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