SAYISAL GRAFiK acts as an information and cultural management center and helps its clients produce, manage, access and share a whole range of cultural resources using the most advanced intellectual and academic technology tools. SAYISAL GRAFiK connects local to global; intermediates flow of knowledge and culture.

The company itself produces and provides content, through e-books and e-book databases, thus is an exporter of culture. As a consultant, SAYISAL GRAFiK helps libraries, museums, galleries, collectors, studios, information centers, cultural resources departments, archives and documentation centers in managing cultural resources for their daily businesses or specific projects, national or international.

Library and e-Library

SAYISAL GRAFiK provides IT consultancy and support for all sort of libraries during their design, set-up and management phases. The company supplies library automation systems, e-resources and academic e-databases.

SAYISAL GRAFiK provides necessary services to classify and migrate existing catalog data as well as to create new catalogs and manage them.

Museum and e-Museum

SAYISAL GRAFiK provides museums, galleries, studios and collectors with the technological infrastructure, a highly developed museum management software, to capture, catalog, manage, track and access their collection electronically.

The company provides necessary services to classify and migrate existing catalog data as well as to create new catalogs and manage them.

SAYISAL GRAFiK is the authorized reseller of The Museum System and eMuseum software used by many high caliber museums around the world.

Academic and Cultural e-Databases

SAYISAL GRAFiK is the representative of the following academic databases in Turkey:

World Scientific: Academic e-books and e-journals in English
CNKI: Database of academic e-journals in English language, published in China
PDC: US based center which provides international philosophical
e-journal and e-book database
Jaypee Digital: Database of e-journals, e-books and videos in Health Sciences
Zinio: Database of almost 2.000 popular e-magazines
ComicsPlus: Digital platform of 16.000 graphic novels and comics
Indieflix: Online movie platform with more than 8.000 independent titles

e-Book and e-Database

SAYISAL GRAFiK produces e-books and e-book databases for international as well as Turkish market with a focus on high quality content working with leading publishers.

With its team which managed the first digital library in Turkey and the first Turkish e-book project, SAYISAL GRAFiK also became the first company to supply international libraries with Turkish e-books.