e-Book Services

SAYISAL GRAFiK produces e-books and e-book databases for international as well as Turkish market with a focus on high quality content working with leading publishers. Producing e-books in other languages beside Turkish is also planned.

With its team which managed the first digital library in Turkey and the first Turkish e-book project, SAYISAL GRAFiK also became the first company to supply international libraries with Turkish e-books.

SAYISAL GRAFiK, by cataloging the e-books of leading publishers such as Arkeoloji ve Sanat, Bulut, Homer, Varlik and supplying them on the international market with related metadata, also helps Turkey to export its culture.

Turkish e-books are supplied on a network that reaches more than 2.500 libraries in countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland where there is a substantial Turkish speaking population. Libraries buy those e-books in quantities they need and lend one by one as they do with printed books.